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Sparkle Tone EE “Secret date”

AGENT NETTY created the radiant emulsion SPARKLE EMULSION “secret date: _ _PUNTA CANA” to skin your skin with melting textures that set the modern fashionable finish – a great moist glow with purple and silver tiny nano-particles and giving your skin a basic treatment – moisturizing and protection from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, which cause photo-aging and pigmentation.

The creation of the SPARKLE EMULSION Radiant Emulsion “Secret date_ _ PUNTA CANA” is inspired by the legend of the brilliance of the sea, where in the darkest night secret sparkling sunlight and mystical moonlight are secretly encountered.


“….Once the sparkling Sunlight met with a mysterious Night, and they fell in love with each other. But they could not choose a place for romantic dates. When the moon appeared in the sky and filled everything with mystical glow, sunlight sparkled on the other side of the Earth. When he returned, he was replaced by a mysterious Night. Her clothes were woven by millions of sparkling stars, twinkling and bewitching in the moonlight. And then they decided to meet secretly in the sea, far from human eyes. 
Therefore, even in the darkest night, sitting on the shore, lovers see the light and shine of the sea, as a reminder that there is nothing impossible …”
Radiant emulsion with purple and silver particles-sparks. A melting soft texture. Exclusive illuminizer-cream for nutrition, extra moisturizing and creating the effect of delicate glow of the skin with overflows (sparkle effect) with ANTI-AGE complex.Contains UV-filter + 15, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight,which cause photoaging and skin pigmentation.ANTI-AGE complex contains: marine active ingredient – NORI-complex, wich prolonged moisture,restoration of damaged skin, protects against loss of natural moisture,refreshes the appearance of the skin, struggles with free radicals against premature aging of the skin. And Shea oil -wich softens and nourishes, protects the skin from dehydration. The composition of the oil includes cari-sterols, which have regenerating properties and are able to activate the synthesis of collagen. Purple particles neutralize visible skin pigmentation.
SPARKLE EMULSION “secret date: _ _PUNTA CANA” can be used as:
– an independent cosmetic product, for extra-moisturizing the skin and giving a delicate glow with an overflow (sparkle effect)
– as a base for make-up, to prepare the skin for applying a foundation, gives comfortable application of textures, softens and nourishes
– as a highlighter – illuminizer at the conclusion of the makeup, is applied to certain areas of the face, for a more pronounced effect damp skin (sparkle effect)
– the product can be mixed with a foundation to achieve a glossy finish and make the texture of the foundation more light
– the product can be mixed with pigment, mica for creative beauty experiments.

Store at a temperature not lower than 5°С and not higher than 25°С

Volume: 30ml