Debut Cream «Miranda Gardens» – Agent Netty PRO

Debut Cream «Miranda Gardens»

Base makeup – Debut Cream “Miranda Gardens”

Extra-moisturizing base with oil-free formula, plant juices and flower extracts. Ideal for anti-age makeup, oily skin prone to acne and dry dehydrated skin.

In the distant West Indies, on the fabulous island of Barbados, lived the beautiful Miranda. Her little house was buried in the greenery of the Gardens, which surrounded the home in all parts of the world. No one knew exactly how old Miranda was and how exactly she looked, since from early morning until the hour when the sun sank in the Caribbean, the beautiful Miranda was occupied with her own plants. Together with the spicy sea breeze and the fragrance of the spring gardens of Miranda, rumors spread around the island about its unfading beauty and youth.
Somewhere in the snowy Lillehammer, in the heart of Norway, Agent Netty was assigned the task of a secret mission to Barbados to learn the secrets of Miranda and her Gardens.
How much time has passed since then, but the legend is still hovering over the Gardens of Miranda that Agent Netty took some miraculous serum with her, with flower extracts and plant juices, which Miranda collected in spring especially for an arsenal of secret beauty products of Agent Netty.

Application area

Base makeup.

Care extra-moisturizer.

SPORT-cosmetics. Active beauty base. Moisturizing anti-inflammatory agent with the formula oil-free, controlling the work of the sebaceous glands, preventing pore clogging during active physical exertion, sports.

Vitamin cocktail for dry dehydrated skin of the face, with a dull complexion.

Extra moisturizing and softening cream as a base serum for make-up for any skin type of white-transparent color with a delicate scent of spring gardens. The active complex of natural components ensures saturation of the skin with moisture, softens, has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and anti-age properties. Thanks to the free-oil formula, Debut cream does not contain oils and prevents clogged pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Ideal makeup base for oily, acne prone skin, dry, dehydrated skin, for mature skin. SPORT-cosmetics. Melting texture does not leave greasy and stickiness, instantly softens, whitens, moisturizes and makes the skin smooth and well-groomed, providing a perfect grip on the tonal foundation.
Active ingredients
Hyaluronic acid, Atelocollagen, Provitamin B5, PP Vitamin, Allantoin, Aloe Leaf Juice, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract
Apply a small amount of Debut cream “Miranda Gardens” to cleansed face and evenly distribute it along the massage lines.

Store at a temperature not lower than 5°С and not higher than 25°С

Volume: 50ml